Originally posted in jeffweinstein.com

1. Athens is the home of the hamburger. Thank you Uncle Fletch.

2. If you will it, it is not a dream. A few dedicated people decided to breathe life back into the hamburger festival and made it happen. You know who you are, thank you. Thanks also to our amazing sponsors.

3. Corny is still king. Dunk your head in ketchup with WhataGuy, eat too many Big Macs, race around the square after eating Sonic hamburgers, get dunked in Walmart pickle juice or moo like a cow does at Mooyah, it’s all good. We love it.

4. People will cook burgers. Who doesn’t want to be the world hamburger champion? I know I do.

5. Our goals were met. Have over 20 cook teams, have more than a 1000 people attend and make people want to have the festival again next year. Triple Check. Game on for 2015.

What’s your take?