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Thoughts on gun violence and Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Holiday season is upon us and we are dealing with shootings in California, a Presidential race that is a year away and folks being upset that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is giving away all of his fortune. My thoughts.

1. If you really think that everyone having a gun is the answer to nuts killing people, I’m concerned about you. I have a license to carry a concealed handgun. I don’t think it was that difficult to obtain the license and I seriously doubt whether the State has any idea of my mental competence or what I may be capable of doing if I snap. I enjoy the right to have guns in a country where guns are lawfully owned. I’ve told my kids I believe the next civil war in our country will be fought over the right to bear arms. A lot of amazing people will continue to lose their lives until we figure out some way to help people that are sick or have so much hatred they want to kill others including friends, family and co-workers.

2. Social media has totally changed the way we receive information of mass shootings. Avery showed me a Snapchat slide show today that was made within minutes of the shooting. It already basically showed everything you need to know about what happened – not why, but facts of what was taking place. Incredible. When I was a kid the worst news was the nightly 10 p.m. Vietnam report of the number of soldiers killed or harmed in action. My folks could control my news source by turning off the television. Parents can’t do that today.

3. Have we become socially numb to the killings? How many people will have to die before some real action is taken. I hate to say it but it seems as though 10, 20, 30 dead is not enough. Until we see thousands die in a single event it appears we will standby without taking action (although I readily admit what action it is, I don’t know).

4. Instead of talking about how to make our communities great, I hear how amazing the country will be without President Obama. I understand not being excited about this President, but how can simply changing the person in office make a change locally for us without “us” taking some uniform action to make it happen. We’re going to have to start breaking down our own barriers and working our tushies off to make things great for everyone.

5. If Mark Zuckerberg wants to give away his $50,000,000,000, who has the right to criticize? Saying his intentions are not sincere, the company he created is not a non-profit, etc. … Well Mr. Zuckerburg, if you can read my blog, you are welcome to come help us run our business anytime without criticism. I think what you and your wife are doing is amazing.

This might be considered a rant. Sorry if it sounds that way.

Jeff’s 5 Things on Uncle Fletch


Originally posted in jeffweinstein.com

1. Athens is the home of the hamburger. Thank you Uncle Fletch.

2. If you will it, it is not a dream. A few dedicated people decided to breathe life back into the hamburger festival and made it happen. You know who you are, thank you. Thanks also to our amazing sponsors.

3. Corny is still king. Dunk your head in ketchup with WhataGuy, eat too many Big Macs, race around the square after eating Sonic hamburgers, get dunked in Walmart pickle juice or moo like a cow does at Mooyah, it’s all good. We love it.

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Jeff and Michael talk Uncle Fletch on Fox51

What a blast!

Jeff Fletch

The 2015 Uncle Fletch Festival is over and it was awesome! Thank you to everyone who came to the event, all those who participated, and everyone who was involved in organizing the festival.

Jeff takes a look at education and leadership in his Top 5

I now understand more fully than ever before the responsibility that comes along with having the most reviewed newspaper in Henderson County. I promise that I don’t take this responsibility lightly. Today at breakfast I was asked by a HCN reader to say something about an issue that was on her mind. It occurred to me that talking about an issue is wonderful but that doing something about the issue is even better.

Here are my Top 5 this week:

1. With school starting back, education is the number one item on my list. How do we break the cycle of being 49th out of the 50 states when it comes to our ranking in the country? If we were talking about a top 50 ranking in the world it would be quite different to me than a 49 out of 50. My belief is that we must take care of our home turf first. My focus is on Henderson County. Other places are nice to visit but this is my home. I want our schools to be extraordinary – not average or above average. I don’t need the distinctions of the Texas Education Agency because I’ve lost faith in that group. Maybe it’s time to revamp the entire system, but if we just start here with making education the number 1 thing – Number 1 – I think we can break the cycle locally and actually have the rest of the state follow our lead. You know what they say about the view from the lead and the view from behind the leader.

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Top 5 from the Battle in the Valley


A great crowd showed up for the Battle in the Valley. (Photo via Henderson County Now)

Most of you know that I have the good fortune of spending Saturdays during football season telling TVCC football players to stay back off the field during the game. We call this the Get Back Coach. Here’s my Top 5 from our first game of the season (a 66-56 loss to the Nassau Community College Lions).

1. Thank you Paul and Kim Benson (Virtual Communications) for sponsoring the Battle in the Valley. Paul and Kim fund the opposing team’s travel, lodging and meals so that a nationally ranked team from outside of our region can come to Athens. The budgets of junior college athletic programs do not allow for this to happen unless people like Paul and Kim step up. I don’t know what they spend but 100 people traveling on a couple of buses for 30 hours each way and staying two nights in a hotel probably gets pretty expensive.

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Jeff is calling on Henderson County — literally


So call me crazy (“crazy”) but I came up with an idea that hopefully you will find amusing and interesting at the same time. Every morning I eat with my think tank and discuss the issues of the world. Almost every day the conversation circles back around to what would make our community better in Henderson County. In an effort to have the true pulse of the community, I decided that I will call everyone in the Henderson County phone book and ask them this simple question – “What do you believe our community needs to make it better?”

Here is my Top 5 after working my way through the phone book with many updates to follow. These are not in any particular order.

1. We need the Cain Center. People want a strong community center that provides activities for everyone. They don’t want to hear that the City doesn’t have it in the budget. They want the City to embrace this resource and figure out how to make it work.

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